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Friday, June 24, 2005

Are X-Books Totally Losing It?

I must say i agree with just about every word of Return to Comics latest post about Uncanny X-men. It's almost impossible to keep up w/ all the X-happenings these days w/o reading those websites (and there are several) devoted strictly to following it all - especially if you've been out of the loop a while. Sometimes i feel like even if i wanted to stay abreast of it all i'd have to spend a fortune buying/reading 10 different titles just so i didn't have 50 questions w/ each issue of X-whatever i read. Since i've been back off the wagon reading comics, the X-stuff has been the biggest let down - I have such fond memories of all things X from 15 years ago (before my hiatus) and had SUCH high hopes for X-men and its spin-off titles when i returned. bummer. I thought at first it was just my taste that had changed between 15 and 30, but then i read some of my back issues.

That being said - i do enjoy me some Ultimate X-Men and i have some small amount of faith (well let's call it hope rather than faith) that Marvel can reboot a lot of what needs rebooting w/ some of these X-titles after House of M - if they'll only take the plunge and make it happen. Collectively, we shall see.

side note: does it get on anyone else's nerves how everything is "X dash whatever"? i know i'm a hypocrite, its so abnoxiously "normal" that i used it myself like 10 times in this post w/o even realizing it until i was reading it over before submitting it. i know, i know, i'm a homer.


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