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Monday, June 27, 2005

Back in the Saddle

OK i'm back (although only somewhat recovered) from my brother's wedding this past weekend, and everything went smashingly (i say that last word in my best snotty english accent). My best man speech was a big hit (i took some advice from a thread i started over at CBR and just shot from the hip), even had a few people come up to me and tell me how "natural" a public speaker i was w/ a knack for comedic timing! Maybe i missed my true calling... ugh... no. Anyways - things will get back to normal for me starting today... i can actually get back to reading comics after the longest layoff (4 days) since my return a few months ago. Very excited! More soon... Today i'd like to get out a post about "regular" readers/collectors buying/selling on ebay, my very brief thoughts on the sept marvel solicitations, some banter about "battle royale" which i saw for the first time last night, and whatever else comes along (hopefully i'll get a few minutes to finish the brilliant first Conan trade i've been enjoying).


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