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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Devil's Due's Defex

Just when i thought i had enough books about young people and their new powers (read my one sentence review about gravity #1 i a previous post) this one grabbed me. I was hunting around devil's due's website and found the entire first issue of defex (of the aftermath universe) and after reading that i can definitely say i'm hooked... now i just need to decide whether or not to wait for the trade (due out 6.28) or grab #2 at my LCS. Since the trade is due out next week i'll prob wait - but w/ some serious anticipation.

The story is basically about 5 college age miscreants (well at least most of them seem to be miscreants) who are teamed up by a professor for a science project. Their project, while brilliant, gets snubbed and they aren't allowed to proceed w/ actually implementing a planned experiment, but of course decide to anyways after a night of getting pounded (drunk) at a bar. They wake up after mysteriously passing out (were they just blacked out from binging or did something more sinister happen to blast them unconscious?), and each begins to undergo a strange transformation - giving us a hint as to the powers of each. The characters all seem unique in look and personality, and the writer does a good job of giving you just enough an introduction of each to get you hooked (i especially like how he starts in the future, then slides back into a flashback - love that kind of stuff)... and in closing i must say the art is fantastic in my opinion - this is just the style of pencils/coloring i appreciate. DEF check out this first issue (it's free for God sake!) online and let me know what you think...

i REALLY think i'm going to have to check out the other titles in the aftermath universe over at devil's due... "infantry" (TPB 9.28), "blade of kumori" (TPB 8.28), and "breakdown" (TPB 7.28) all seem interesting... and there's even a TPB called "aftermath dossiers" that's due out 6.28 and supposedly will break down the aftermath universe and it's major players... way cool so far. post comments and let me know what you all think...


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