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Friday, June 24, 2005

Fantastic Four the Movie... Beast or Bust?

There's a thread over at CBR debating this point as i type this. I for one am not a big fan of comic --> small or big screen translations. There's too much that gets left out so that an appeal can be made to a wide audience in a limited amount of time... hard to tell a story in 2 hours that has been going on... oh... how long? spider-man (1 and 2) were good, so don't get me wrong it works SOMETIMES, just not very often (IMO). As i said in my reply to the post, I'm not saying this movie will do badly in the box office, but that doesn't mean it will be any good. History has proven time and again that box office sales don't necessarily mean much in terms of quality (to me at least) - just mass appeal.

Jessica Alba is WAY hot but i'm not sure i'm buying her acting skills - especially in this role. And big ben? the Thing is made of rock not lumpy brown foam rubber (that costume is horrible!). He's one of my favorite all-time characters (i love the brawlers) so i'm especially dissapointed in that designer's ideas of how the thing would look in "real" life. Seems to me they could have done a better job w/ that one... i mean it looks like a dude in a padded brown rubber suit in the trailers. weak.

This is definitely a netflix movie for me - and i promise i won't go into it w/ any real pre-conceptions (even after writing this post i swear!) - but let's just say i have a bad feeling. Maybe i'm just dissapointed in the current run of FF books... can we get two good UFF issues in a row?

ps i'm reserving judgement on batman begins because i actually think that looks pretty good - and a grittier batman is exactly what i want to see... and on the new superman movie. not sure yet i'm buying that clown they picked to play him - but i haven't seen any trailors or anything so i'll w/h judgement on that one for a bit (here's to hoping it's good).


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