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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Great commentary over at silverbulletcomics.com about collecting comics (or not)...

I was just reading a great new "the panel" article over at silverbulletcomics.com that struck home for me. Since i've gotten back into reading comics, i've been wondering what i should DO with them once i'm done. I've only been back into it for 3 months and i already have piles and piles of monthlies and trades that my wife is complaining about. Do people still bag, board, and box their monthlies and stow them away in closets or under the bed hoping to read them again or sell them? Back when i was reading/collecting when i was a kid, there wasn't the TPB bonanza there is today - so there weren't a whole lot of options - as a matter of fact i still have several boxes of old bagged and boarded comics in my parents basement (i really need to go through those someday). I think the way to go for me these days (especially after reading the commentary in this article and getting to thinking about it) is to get all my top stuff in trades so i can re-read them over and over and just stow them on the bookshelf. easy to lend out too w/o worrying about your brother or top boy beating it up in the bottom of his wacked out 1988 SUV.

Anyways - to each his own... i LOVE reading comics but i'm not really much of a collector of things (i pretty much sell everything on ebay once i'm completely done with it - which brings up a good question - is there a good market for old or semi-old comics on ebay??). i def want to keep hold of most of my good trades though - i have a habit of reading these over and over - and i'm sure there will be monthlies i won't be able to part with (i def have some already) as time goes on.

Def do yourself a favor and read through the commentary in this article - there are some interesting opinions - even if it feels like 90% of them are basically saying collecting is for the birds - i guess these days its all about the reading and re-reading (and what's wrong with that?).


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