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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hmmm... What to Pick Up This Week?

Jeez there is absolutely NOTHING of value for me (that i know about - i'm sincerely hoping this list i got this from was incomplete) this week. Even the few i have listed below are mercy pick-ups that i was either waiting for the trade on or planning to skip all together. Zilla's weekly spending spree might be a bit tame this week... Unless of course the titles i originally thought were coming out (listed as "MIA" below) actually make the stands...



MIA: SAMURAI HEAVEN AND EARTH #5 (did #4 even come out yet???)

NEW X-MEN HELLIONS #2 - had been planning to wait for the trade on this one but this week is SOO friggin' light i might snag this to have something to read :)

YOUNG AVENGERS #5 - See comments for hellions above. I know this title gets a lot of hype but i haven't really caught interest in it (picked up the last issue). should prob give it one more try.

FORGOTTEN REALMS DARK ELF HOMELAND CVR A #1 (OF 3) - man i loved these books before some of the later volumes jumped the shark, so i'm sure i'll at least flip through this one and check it out.

HUSTLER BARELY LEGAL - JUST KIDDING! Seriously i'm married and my wife would kill me... plus i'm no perv (or chester) - just threw this one in there for laughs... i swear. honest.


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