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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Humberto Ramos and Revelations

As anyone who's been reading my blogs over the last week (since it's inception really) knows, i'm a card-carrying member of Humberto Ramos' fan club. One of my most anticipated books for the summer (of many i must admit) is the DH title Revelations. Ramos is once agained teamed up w/ Jenkins (both recently on Spec Spidey before it retired), and the two of them make a great team IMO. There's an article at Newsarama today with a bit more info than was previously released, including covers for issue's #3 and #4 (and even a handy link to the previously released stuff in case you missed it - and interview, and 6 preview pages from #1). issue #1 preview pages look/read great to me. Ramos art has come a LONG way IMO since i first noticed him in Peter Parker Spider-Man: Return of the Green Goblin (which i didn't enjoy very much due the story but se la vie). Countdown and the previous TPB (forget the name but the one w/ a very cool eddie brock/venom) were both stellar and Ramos' art improved in each. From what i can tell in Revelations, it seems to have matured even further - and i'm loving it all the more. Keep it up Humberto (wonder what this guys nick name is?).


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