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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Just Placed a Couple of Nice Orders Online (Happy 4th?)

I just placed 2 nice size orders online. hated having to use 2 different stores but instocktrades.com doesn't carry Dark Horse or "Other" yet (supposedly coming soon):

INSTOCKTRADES.COM (this is my first order w/ instock since i discovered them; their prices are killer - let's hope everything else works):

  • Invincible Vol. 2: Eight is Enough
  • - can't wait for this one, i'm way behind.
  • Powers Vol. 5: Anarchy
  • - marching along.
  • Superman/Batman Vol. 1: Public Enemies
  • - i've read the last few floppies and decided i might as well dive in and read the back issue trades since this is the only DC title i'm reading right now (even though thanks to some advice from a commenter i may pick up gotham central here shortly).
  • Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1: Gifted
  • - the only x-men title that interests me right now. i've only read the last couple floppies but def want to go back to the beginning and catch up.
  • PVP Vol. 1: At Large
  • - been reading these online daily and def enjoy them... heard this trade was out and worth the pennies so i'm grabbing it - strips are great throne room material (sorry ladies).
  • Ultimates Vol. 2: Homeland Security
  • - i borrowed the first volume of ultimates from a friend and it wasn't bad... i figure i'll read vol. 2, then move on to ultimates 2.

AMAZON.COM: Amazon is kind of my "go to" shop i guess. prices aren't always the best but are def good, and super saver shipping is no joke. add in that you can almost always find everything you want and you've got a pretty solid backup man.

  • Usagi Yohimbo Vol. 2: Samurai
  • - got word from sakai himself (in a thread over at CBR) that i should start w/ vol. 2 if i want to catch up on everything UY - so needless to say i'm taking his advice :)
  • The Walking Dead Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars
  • - SO HYPE to read this one... loved vol. 1 and 2. this might be my most anticipated (hard to say though - got a lot of fun stuff to read coming in these 2 orders).
  • Hellboy Vol. 3: The Chained Coffin and Others
  • - ahhhh... my hellboy adventure continues. only hellboy i've ever read is vol. 2 and i def dug it. i may be hooked.
  • Street Angel
  • - can't stop reading about this and the quirkiness might be right up my alley. another recommendation from the good folks at CBR who treat me so well. looking forward to it. will def review this one.


30 June, 2005 12:20, Blogger El Snoozo said...

I think you'r really gonna like the Superman/Batman series. I have been reading them pretty steadily and Jeph Loeb has been doing a great job showing the differences between Batman ans Superman through inner monologues..A great example is when Batman steps onto the hell like planet of Apocalypse and he says that he dosen't belong here, he belongs in Gotham ridding the streets of scum..Good schtuff

30 June, 2005 12:57, Blogger zilla said...

yeah i've only read the last 3 or so floppies but i'm pretty pumped to get the first trade and kind of start at the beginning. i'm going to check out gotham central too - in my quest to get some DC into my diet. what's that all about anyways?

30 June, 2005 15:59, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Gotham Central is "NYPD Blue". Just Gotham Cops ... at least that's my understanding.

Some great TPBs there, Zilla. Homeland Security has some really great moments. The Ultimates hardcover is what really got me cack into comics.


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