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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just re-read Powers #11

Man i could read this 10 times over (and just might). this issue really is a great piece of work, from the story telling to the art. this business w/ deena unleashing her powers on her ex-boyfriend is very, very cool, especially how bendis handles the pages following - you can just feel everything she's going through. i love how she calmly disposes of the body, and doesn't break down until sitting in the diner later (running out back to hurl in a dumpster). then there's the moments on the phone w/ dude's sister... i cannot wait to see where this story goes in the next few issues... i still have no idea how deena even GOT these powers (or what they are exactly), i'm only through TPB #4 (started reading the old trades and current monthlies simultaneously a couple of months ago). she obviously has some serious power over electricity, and seemed to take a knife in the back like a real champ (they didn't even address that after it happened really so must not have phased the girl too much!). And how will christian take it when he finds out? some great language/writing coming up from bendis i can just feel it...

if you read Powers this is a must not miss, if you don't, i almost want to encourage you to run out and buy this issue and jump on the bandwagon starting now.


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