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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Justice League Unlimited: "Question Authority"

Ever since Genndy Tartakovsky's work appeard to me i've been watching cartoon network again (that guy is a genius)... I guess us comic book guys typically have other childhood vices like video games and cartoons - so this probably will not be the last cartoon review i post on my blog :) Without Samurai Jack or Clone Wars Adventures running episodes (CN is not even playing reruns of these the bastards!), i've been looking for some other good stuff... heard about Justice League Unlimited through the proverbial grapevine, added it to my tivo list w/ Teen Titans, Samurai Champloo and Juniper Lee, and def like what i've seen so far... Just checked out a tivo'd episode "Question Authority" and thought i'd puke a few thoughts.

Superman and Captain Atom open this episode beating down some dude from another dimension (eventually ending w/ Cap Atom blasting him back home through an open portal). There's a little attention played to Superman and Lois Lane's relationship (they looooooove each other). Atoms is then confronted by his old Air Force general with orders forcing him to choose committment to the Justice League or rejoin the armed forces (as you shall see this becomes important later).

But on to the meat of the story: Lex Luthor's cancer dissappears (he got it from kryptonite poisoning). There are a ton of references made to the "other world"/alternate reality introduced in a previous episode where luthor becomes president (and is ultimately killed by a bizarro (not THE bizarro from back in the day) version of Superman, member of a alternate reality Justice League called the Justice Lords). super-computer models show that if the JL battles the government it triggers an armageddon. Question (who is this cat??) hacks into Luthor's computer system and learns some bad shit (that luthor is running for president in our reality similar to he did in the alternate). He becomes desperate to stop this end-of-the-world event from happening in our reality as it did in the alternate universe. He confronts luthor in an attempt to kill him so superman can't (triggering the events leading to armageddon by pitting the JL against the U.S. gov't), but instead Luthor whups up on him and then tells him his run for president is really just a cover for a much more sinister plan. After beating Question down, Luthor has his mad torture master crony go to work on Question and try and figure out everything he knows about Luthor's plan (exactly what he stole from Luthor's computers). Superman and Huntress rescue the Question - only to find out that Captain Atom has taken his orders to rejoin the Air Force - and confronts them as they are leaving w/ Question - claiming he has orders to stop them... oh the battle that will ensue next episode (we hope). those tricky cliff hangers.

All in all i'm pretty happy with this toon - i'm def keeping it on my tivo (new episodes) so i can keep up with it... nice - there's been a cartoon drought for a while (almost) IMO. The art and writing are good to go. Not a bad group of characters either (lots of variety to choose from between episodes).


28 June, 2005 17:06, Blogger El Snoozo said...

This was a great episode..Part of me wishes that Unlimited had the whole 2 part half hour episodes ( which came out to an hour ) that last seasons Justice League had. With so many more characters kicking ass, it would have made the stories even more rich.

This episode reminded me a lot of the whole Jeph Loeb Superman/ Batman arc they had going in the first few issues where they were intent on removing Lex from office..lex had the members of the Justice League, try to stop Bats and Supes.

23 November, 2005 10:11, Anonymous Lonnie Klamm said...

Super work performed.


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