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Friday, June 24, 2005

Little brother gettin' hitched...

zero to do with comics: My little brother is getting married this weekend!! congrats to ryan and his lovely new soon-to-be wifey melissa. i'm the best man so starting tonight w/ the rehersal dinner i will be pretty crazy busy all weekend and not able to keep up with my posts as much as i would like... def have some good stuff in the works though - i'll try and get them up sunday night/monday morning-ish.

i've been married four years - and i keep telling the kid - you need to hook it up like that runaway bride lady did - you could be the first nationally known runaway groom. makes me think of a great story my dad told me: the night before his wedding, his rugby buddies took him out drinking and got him totally hammered - then they tried to put him on an overnight bus to mexico so he'd miss his wedding (we lived in san antonio at the time)! it never happened though - and he made it - been married to me ma for 28 years now (yeah i'm 30... so what?).


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