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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh What an Empty Feeling...

This is the first wednesday in my 3 months back into comics that i didn't go to my LCS and pick up a stack of monthlies. CONAN #17, USAGI YOHIMBO #85, and SAMURAI HEAVEN AND EARTH #5 (or #4 for that matter) didn't come out as originally expected (correct me if i'm wrong here!!), and there wasn't really anything else for me this week. I kind of enjoyed HELLIONS #1 a couple of weeks ago but have all but decided to just wait for the trade on that one if i read it at all (even though rock slide is a cool character IMO). The new YOUNG AVENGERS is sitting over there but i haven't quite been able to get into that one yet after a few test issues (even though i know people in general are raving about it). Now rest assured - I do have a long laundry list of TPB's i'm about to order online (and a few already in the mail) but i wasn't about to pick up any of those at cover price (even though i def undertand the arguement of supporting your local shops and do as often as possible)... Here's to next week getting here yesterday-ish.


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