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Monday, June 20, 2005

ok time to get organized...

ok i've been back collecting for about 3 months now and my stack (of comics and trades) is getting pretty tall. I need to figure out a way to properly care for, store, and organize all this before my wife kills me (currently they are all over the house in chaotically organized piles)... I picked up some bags and boards on the way home today and figured i'd bag all the issues i care about... then i realized i def will need a box to put them in, and preferrably some snazzy dividers. trades are nice because i can just slide those onto the bookshelf... i wonder if people generally bag all their comics or only the ones they enjoyed? what decides for people whether to buy the monthlies or wait for the trades? is there any chance these comics i'm collecting today will ever actually be worth anything? i guess w/ ebay we're in a lot better shape than we used to be when i was a kid... back then you had to find an LCS that wanted your old books in order to sell them - and that always seemed a difficult task - i know the 2 LCS's around me now have very little in the terms of back issues laying around...


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