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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Reading comics in the sun on the deck...

Ok - my cousin and his wife were in town this weekend, and lucky for me he's one of the only other comic book readers i know (at least of my immediate friends and family). While our wives were sunbathing on our lower deck - he and i ran out to the store and got a few books to read w/ some lemonade while keeping them company...

POWERS TPB #4 "SUPERGROUP" - My journey to catch up on Powers by the trades while also following the new issues is well under way. I really can't get enough of Bendis' writing on this title (or Oeming's art for that matter). The gritty "real" flavor of their work together just grabs me. This arc in particular is a great one (best of the Powers stories i've read so far and that's definitely saying something). I want to lay out some details about the story here (and how much i enjoyed it) but would hate to ruin it for anyone who hasn't read it - hard to say too much w/o spoiling some very cool twists. Let's just say we get to read some very cool stuff about the gov't funding superhero teams, Deena's unconscious feelings for her partner, a major announcement for Walker's love life (not what you think), and the selfless death of a pretty major character. I can't wait to read the 5th trade (gonna have to grab that this week methinks).

CABLE AND DEADPOOL #16 - I couldn't tell you exactly WHY i like this title so much but i've really been enjoying it (even though i've only been following it 3 issues). The art is good and the story is out-there but grabbing me none-the-less. Cameo's by Cannonball and Siryn (saving Cable's ass more than once), a few humerous alternate realities, and a very cool scene where a "techno-organic" tries to make it's way into Deadpool's screwed up mind make this one worth the 3 beans i spent. Deadpool is an interesting cat for sure - and i'm starting to catch on a bit to what's going on (still pretty lost though over all). Makes me think i really need to go back and see if there are any C&D trades i can grab to get some background... I'll be adding this to my pull list for the time being though. Next issue (#17) should definitely be a good one w/ Mr. Sinister dropping in.

WOLVERINE SOULTAKER #1 - Wolverine used to be one of my favorite characters and for some reason i'd been reluctant to jump back on his bandwagon - but after reading wolvering #29, and then this title (Soultaker #1) i'm not sure why. I really like where Yoshida is headed with the story after this first issue. I'm somewhat obsessed with japanese history (especially feudal japan - samurai, etc.) so the fact that this story takes place in tokyo is a big plus for me (kind of makes me wish this was an ongoing title and not just a mini). Nagasawa's art is a bit "manga-ish" for me at times, and i can definitely spot why people over at CBR have complained about his disproportionate bodies (all the male characters, including wolvie, look short, stocky, and fat at times). Those complaints aside though, and i really think this will be a good run... but i still may wait for the trade in august (added it to my mailordercomics.com june preview order).

I had a few titles on my list to "check out in person" before i grabbed and most of those went back on the shelf for one reason or another. "Gravity" #1 just didn't do it for me after flipping through it (someday i may give this one a chance though - i think i've just got enough "kid w/ new powers" books right now w/ invincible, ultimate spidey, etc.). Livewires sounded good when i read about it online (and at CBR) but the art was way too manga-ish (there's that made up word again) for me. I also looked at the trade for WE3 and put it back, but i have a feeling i'll be grabbing this one someday - the idea behind it (ex-pets w/ cyborg bodies) is just cool :)


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