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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Spawn #1 Was the Cat's A$$ Right About When I Stopped Reading

And low and behold, it's still running 15 years later upon my return. But wait - it's not nearly as cool and talked about as it was back then (and to be honest who could expect it to be after all this time?). Todd isn't working directly w/ the book anymore... there's some... other dudes. In 1992, Todd M was just about THE coolest guy in comics. I loved his work back then (who can forget his hulk, spidey, or spawn?), hell he was one of the reasons i stumbled away from comics and couldn't make a clean break, even with college, women, jobs, and whatever else that took up my time for the last 15 years looming. Once I started reading again the first books i went for were the ones i remembered from back when: Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk. Spawn came to mind as a title i recognized that was still runnning, so I poked around at CBR and the online neighborhood, trying to investigate the books current state of affairs but didn't find much positive. There's def a hard core fanbase hunting down each floppy, but it seems to me a lot of readers are pretty "blah" about the title these days. But wait - there's hope! Todd is getting more involved (or at least hinting at it), and there's going to be a new team (supposedly a great new team but what do i know at this point?) to shake things up starting w/ a super-size-me issue #150. I think i'll pick this one up... for old times sake.


01 July, 2005 22:47, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I used to like Spawn ages ago, but that was mostly just because I liked to watch the HBO series. I still have one issue of Spawn though, #9 which features the first appearence of Angela.

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