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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thoughts on Dark Horse's Sept Solicitations...

Ok i went through marvel yesterday so i might as well hit dark horse today (you won't see DC tomorrow since i don't really read any DC titles right now except loeb's superman/batman, but i may do image).

CONAN: THE GOD IN THE BOWL AND OTHER STORIES TPB - cannot WAIT for this. just finished the first TPB a few days ago and man do i love me some conan w/ this artist/writer team.

CONAN #20 - see above. i'm following the current stuff at the same time i'm catching up w/ the TPB's.

THE GOON: FANCY PANTS EDITION HC - The Goon is probably my favorite title right now so i'm not sure i'll be able to resist picking this up... especially at the deep discount i'll get from the mailordercomics previews. Count me in for THE GOON #14 too for sure.

FRANK MILLER’S SIN CITY LIBRARY I HC - while we're talking fancy HC's, there's this sin city collection. wow! and double wow at the $150 price tag.

REVELATIONS #2 (of 6) - you've probably picked up from some of my ealier posts that i love me some humberto ramos pencils so i'm all over this title. i'm really, really hoping this one rocks. this might even be a read-the-monthlies-then-buy-the-trade-then-dump-the-monthlies title for me.

SAMURAI: HEAVEN AND EARTH TPB - I've really enjoyed the first 3 issues of this title (some of the best art i've seen since i've been back). i'm pretty sure i'll be jumping at this trade for my bookshelf - good reread value for sure.

STAR WARS: EMPIRE #37 and/or STAR WARS: REPUBLIC #81 - i've been desperately looking for somewhere to jump into a star wars title... folks over at CBR have recommended empire and repbulic - sooner or later i'll decide on one of these titles and give it a chance... hopefully by the time these come out i'll have picked one.

USAGI YOJIMBO #87 - As long as stan keeps this going - i'll be buying it. i loved this when i was a kid reading comics - and came back 15 years later and its still going strong and as enjoyable as ever. can't beat that!!!


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