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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Thoughts on Image's Sept Solicitations...

Ah the final of my three "Throughts on Publisher X's Sept Solicitations...". This one will be easy, there are only 3 i'm interested in (at the moment):

INVINCIBLE VOL. 5 FACTS OF LIFE - I'm the new president of the Robert Kirkman fan club. I've only read the first Invincible TPB so far but 2, 3, and 4 will be long read by the time this #5 hits the shelves. Can't wait to read #2 (and here's to this title keeping my interest until #5 DOES come out :)

RONIN HOOD OF THE 47 SAMURAI - I'm a samurai junky so i'll be buying this one, plus i hear that Craig Rousseau is a beast.

FERRO CITY #2 - keep hearing about this one and the preview pages i've seen definitely piqued my interest... i'll be picking up #1 to decide if i'm waiting for trade or skating right along into #2 here in sept. Fingers crossed.


29 June, 2005 13:18, Blogger Greg said...

Is Ronin Hood from Image? On FCBD it was from Beckett. I don't know if you picked it up, but it's not bad, just a bit standard. Robin Hood in Japan. Fine and dandy, but nothing spectacularly different.

29 June, 2005 13:41, Blogger zilla said...

you're right greg - it is from beckett not image... i kind of love all things samurai so thought i'd pick this up in trade in sept (deep discount). what did you get the free whatever issue they were giving out a few weeks ago? i missed that...


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