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Monday, June 27, 2005

Thoughts on Marvel's Sept Solicitations...

Ok this is my first "thoughts on whoever's whatever month solicitations" so time will tell if this is a recurring post. hard to think all the way ahead to sept here in june... but let's give it a go:

HOUSE OF M #7 and SPIDEY HOUSE OF M #4 - hopefully i won't have given up on the whole "house of m" thing by the time these issues come out. this summer fun seems to be aimed at hardcore fans who have been around a while - and since i'm still "catching up" this whole event is hard to follow at times.

INCREDIBLE HULK #86 - i know this is a house of m tie in (near the tail end of one by this issue at least) but i'm trying to get back into my child hood favorite - the big green. someone somewhere (can't remember where but i'm sure it was over at CBR) told me to jump back onboard w/ #83 - so that's what i'm going to do.

HULK: DESTRUCTION #3 - huge hulk fan (even if every issue i've read since i've been back has confused the hell out of me) - so i'm def picking this up.

ULTIMATE X-MEN #63 and ULTIMATE SPIDEY #82 - mainstays for me (at least for now) so i'll be getting these.

GHOST RIDER #1 - kind of hype about this one - hope its worth all the press its been getting. def has potential to be very cool.

NEW AVENGERS #11 - even though i feel the character mix awkward when i read this book - i'm still drawn to it for some reason (maybe its the great art/writing?). the cover they're floating around for this #11 looks so bad ass (and the introduction of a new character called RONIN) - i'm sold. NOTE: Heard a rumor this "new" guy might just be daredevil in a new costume... let's hope not (for my sake at least).

DEFENDERS #3 - i'm holding out high hopes for this mini. two of my all time favorites - hulk and silver surfer. here's to me still reading it by #3.

THOR: BLOOD OATH #1 - i'm all over this. pretty excited about it considering there's nothing else thor at the moment until he wakes up from his dirt nap. How'd he die anyways?

X-MEN COLOSSUS: BLOODLINE #1 - one of my favorite all time x-men (i guess you can start to tell i like the brawlers). i have no idea how he died, how he came back or what but i plan to find out before this comes out... looking forward to it but may just get the TPB.

WEAPON X: DAYS OF FUTURE NOW #3 - wait for trade?

CABLE & DP #19 and #20 - this is one of those titles i've been loving and can't really put my finger on why... can't think of any reason i won't be reading this (still) come sept.


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