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Thursday, June 30, 2005

To Crossover or Not to Crossover?

There's some very interesting discussion going on over at Peter David's blog about spidey crossovers (including some somewhat testy comments from PAD). Seems the first 3 issues of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (love this title by the way, hope it sticks), will be part of a crossover (none of which will be written by david). Personally i'm all over the new FNSM book regardless. As a matter of fact i can't wait for it - spidey is struggling IMO besides Ultimate (and i admit i do pick up MK). I guess i've been away too long to be snubbing one particular writer or another... ask me in a few months though and i may be agreeing with some of these commenters - i can definitely see their point.

ps you may also want to read PAD's blog post from today - interesting read (no further comment).


01 July, 2005 23:14, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I was under the impression that the crossover would have Peter David writing all three books for the month of october.

01 July, 2005 23:17, Blogger zilla said...

nah you are right. since i posted this i found out that's exactly how it's going down (PAD is writing all 3 #1's i think... then the other 2 writers are something... to be honest i'm not 100% sure (obviously).

02 July, 2005 13:58, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I think David will be writing ASM #525, MKSM #19, and FNSM #1. Hudlin (puke) will be writing 526, 20, and 2. JMS will be doing 527, 21, and 3. Then in January each writing will return to writing their own books.


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