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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ultimate Spider-Man - Game Worth Buying/Renting/Playing?

Damn does this game look cool... and as if tugging directly on my heart-strings it even LOOKS like it's animated by Humberto Ramos (its not). I've been reading a lot of good previews of this game (coming out on all major consoles as far as i can tell, except the PSP (pissed!!). you even get to play as BOTH spidey and venom over the course of the adventure, and the "world" the game takes place in (essentially NYC) supposedly will allow you to pretty much swing around and go wherever you please fighting crime. could very well be the new cats ass of comic -> video game translations. check out the new robotic take on rhino - i may be even a little impressed w/ that! but, as we all know - the proof is in the gameplay so we'll def have to see. 9.13.2005 release.

For more info there's an excellent preview at IGN. Check it out i you're even slightly interested...


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