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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Walking Dead Vol.2 "Miles Behind Us"

Ok let me start by saying i don't typically like zombie stories, movies, or the premise of a "zombie" monster in general. But there have been 2 exceptions: the flick 28 Days and the Kirkman comic The Walking Dead. 28 Days is a gritty, compelling, and much more "realistic" approach to the age-old zombie story than the pure comedy you're used to seeing. Seems like 99% of zombie movies turn out to be comedies (even though that's not the intent of the script or the director if you know what i mean). When you watch 28 days you get a feeling of "man this could really happen, and if it did, it might be kind of like this" at least for the 2 hours it takes to watch it.

When i picked up the first trade in The Walking Dead series, i was thinking to myself "this is pretty much exactly like 28 days", with the guy waking up from a coma in the hospital to find that the world has gone to shit - zombies everywhere, traditional information outlets non-existent, few "living" people struggling to survive in small bands. and you know what? since i am a fan of 28 days that isn't a bad thing at all... and with an ongoing series, we can go into a much greater depth than the movie - really get into it - so i read, and read, and read. As a matter of fact i haven't been able to STOP reading this title.

I read the first volume 3 times, then moved onto the second (which i just finished reading twice last night). Kirkman has done an amazing job of putting you right in there w/ rick, tyreese, dale, lori, and the rest of the "add one member, lose 2 more" gang. He's done an awesome job w/ the interpersonal relationships - really exploring what people might go through if something like this were to happen - how they'd feel about themselves, and how they'd act towards each other. The entire triangle between Rick, Lori, and his best friend is classic writing. Especially how it ends (in Vol. 1). People die. Major characters. Shit happens. So much so that when Rick's son got shot (in Vol. 2) i really thought he was dead (oops: spoiler alert).

The hillbilly father (forget his name) was a GREAT character, really gave us a different perspective. He tried to hoard zombie's his family found (some were his family!) in the barn in hopes they would recover. He wanted rick and company to move along and stop eating his food, etc. - i have a feeling a lot of people would be like this guy if this were to ever really happen. It kind of surprised me that he wasn't prejudiced though for some reason - Kirkman could have added that twist in there (especially since his daughter was found sleeping with bennie). I have a feeling people's "cover-up" personalities and good graces would go out the window in an anarchy like this - true prejudices would be on display. As a matter of fact - ALL the characters in this title are good, and for the most part well developed. Only gripe i have is that some of them seem to pair off and fall in love rather easily (like in a day) but hey - maybe a zombie infestation/invasion would stoke those types of emotions - who am i to say??

As a final note, i can tell you that i'm not a huge fan of B&W comics - but in this case it works perfectly (more than perfectly). i wouldn't mind seeing an issue or 2 in color (just to see what it would feel like) but B&W really does this title a service, adding to the overall gritty, hardcore feel.

At the end of a day this is an A++ title and one of my favorite reads at the moment. Here's to hoping Kirkman can keep this one going (and fresh) for a long, long time. And where the hell is the postman w/ my vol 3 trade???


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