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Thursday, June 16, 2005

weekly spending spree 6/15

ok here's what i bought this week and some short thoughts (i may get more into each title as the week drones on in subsequent posts):

POWERS #11 - man i love this title. benndis is a pure beast and his work really shines in Powers. one of the first books that caught my eye when i got back to reading comics was "who killed retro girl" and i've been pretty much a huge fan every since. i've read the first 3 volumes, and then started again w/ the monthlies w/ this very issue #11, so i'm definitely a bit lost... who's this retro girl imposter flying around with them?

YOSAGI YOHIMBO #84 - stan sakai is a genius but we all know that. the samurai rabit used to entertain me in my FIRST go round w/ this comic addiction and it's still entertaining me now.

X-MEN HELLIONS #1 - The jury's still out on this one. I like the art, and rockslide and mercury are cool characters for sure... it's kind of hokey to have dust wearing her burka all the time (nothing against muslims for sure but kind of feels like an attempt to deliberatly reach out to a certain audience and/or be uber PC). Jason (Hellion) is kind of annoying so far with his over-written attitude but i have a feeling their just trying to set up his character. Not sure how Tag and Wither will fit in - Tag's powers are pretty... ok... stupid, and it will be interesting to see what kind of role wither really plays besides brooding. All that aside though i actually DID enjoy this first issue and will definitely hang on for #2.

WOLVERINE #29 - This is the first Wolverine title i've read in years and it rocked. I'm kind of lost picking it up in the middle of an arc but the issue by itself was def action packed and classic wolverine. nice issue to start on to get my action fix.

SHAOLIN COWBOY #1 and #2 - Bad ass. Geofrey Darrow and Peter Doherty do an awesome job w/ the art and colors in this title. You can spend 10 minutes exploring every detail on a page, especially when there's a ton of characters standing around (mobs). The story is definitely quirky but refreshing at the same time. Gotta love the killer king crab that learned ju-jitsu (or is that japanese) from a shaman (or is that native american). ha!!! and the x-men reference at the end of #2 had me grinning for sure. I know it sounds odd but i really like the stock they use over at burlyman, kind of rough and thick. I'm definitely picking this up from now on... despite it being $3.50. comics are f-ing expensive these days!!! I heard a rumor #3 was slated for release on 6/22.

SAMURAI HEAVEN AND EARTH #1, #2, and #3 - This title is a HUGE winner. I can't wait to get the TPB when (if?) it comes out. The art in this book is gorgeous - some of the best i've seen in any of the comics i've picked up since my return. They do an awesome job penciling the fighting/action IMO. The story has a bit of a "been there done that" feel but i think Ron Marz and Luke Ross have done a good job with it regardless. Besides, this story - done or not - always pleases (me at least).

G.I. JOE AMERICA'S ELITE #1 - Had high hopes for this one after reading a couple previews (and seeing some preview art) over at newsarama, but was sorely dissapointed. I think it may just be me though - G.I. Joe used to be one of my favorites (which is why i picked this up) but just doesn't do it for me anymore. Everything about it just seems hokey, from the characters (doesn't shipwreck seem like the kind of dude who should only be around when they're on a boat or something?), to the way they talk, etc. but hey for 25c who am i to complain? i don't think i'll be adding this to my mailordercomics previews though that's for sure...

INVINCIBLE TPB VOL. 1 - Now here's a title i totally didn't expect to like at all but have turned out to enjoy pretty hard core. I'm definitely picking up vol. 2 (TPB) when i get the chance (as in next week). To be honest super hero books have kind of turned me off lately and this title has been a refreshing break from the typical marvel/DC universe based mag. I'm still not completely sold on Invincible's costume (something about the bug-eye glasses irritates me) but the writing is pretty top notch so far. I initially read about this title over at CBR and so i kind of know what's going to happen w/ Invincible's dad - but even that hasn't ruined it for me. Good read.


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