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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Weekly Spending Spree: 6/22

Ah my favorite day of the week - wednesdays!

NEW AVENGERS #6 - our heros discover a rogue faction of S.H.I.E.L.D (I hate typing that w/ all the periods in between every letter, but i digress) using the indiginous peoples of the savage land to mine vibranium for use in WMDs. In addition, this S.H.I.E.L.D splinter cell has been tampering w/ databases to mark certain super powered criminals dead while they stockpile them somewhere (building an army of super-powered villians w/ super-vibranium-powered weapons).

First off, let me remind you that this is only the second issue of New Avengers that i've read - but i'm starting to catch on (so correct me if i'm wrong on anything until i can get the trade). The pencils and coloring are BEAUTIFUL in this title - it takes me about 2x as long to read as most of my books because of the detail (and staring). The writing is great (Bendis really deserves all the hype he gets IMO). The last page (and panels) are very, very cool.

Gripes: Am i the only person in the world who reads comics who can't really stand Captain America? i have NO idea why but the guy just gets on my nerves no matter who writes him. I remember thinking he was way cool when i was a kid but i've outgrown him i guess (if that's possible). Maybe it's only temporary. I'm not a huge fan of Spider-Woman - it's not the way she's written but the way she looks i guess... and lastly - even though he's one of my all time favorite characters (and he is def his witty spidey self in this title) he just seems so out of place here w/ this crew... I do love him though, and wolvering, and iron-man - so that (and the story) will keep me going to issue #7 for sure.

Oh yeah one last question you guys can help me with (and remember i've been away a while so go easy on a brother) - who's the black dude and what's his story? they don't call him by name once this issue and he doesn't really display and powers/abilities that i can tell...

ULTIMATE X-MEN #60 - This wolvering and storm (ororo) match-up is one i never really considered before but it's really feeling natural to me. I'm def digging it. Wolvering and Storm are much more interesting in the ultimate books than anywhere else right now... There is an incredible (IMO) centerfold in this issue (no - not THAT kind of centerfold) where storm is launching wolvering into the air on a huge, swirling gust of wind that i couldn't take my eyes off of - great page spanning art work. i really think this guy immonen's pencils are just up my alley. this title is def a keeper on my pull list.

FLAK #1 - Ok, i had been anticipating this one for a while and after reading it - i must say the jury is definitely still out. I'm a bit dissappointed in this first issue - they should have done more to "pull us in". we spend a bit too many pages/frames learning about zoe's boring life, and her bounty hunter training is like 2 frames long (training an everyday joe-shoe into a hunter-killer would probably take like, years). We start to figure out that we're a few years in the future, and that mankind has discovered another dimension (or "other dimension" O.D.). There's a company of misfits with a bounty-hunter startup, zoe's life is so boring and she yearns for something more, finds an ad, and off we go...

The art is fantastic - reminds me a lot of one of my fav's Humberto Ramos, but the writing is a bit goofy at times in this first issue ("bring me some taco's back from the other dimension"?? what's that all about?). I did smile huge at the line "I am programmed to simulate the brawling tactics of the criminal element" when zoe is taking her boxing lessons from a robot. I may wait for the trade on this one... but i'll probably pick up #2 to see where it goes - the scenes in the O.D. (other dimension) are definitely cool - i dig the character (name?) w/ the huge sword, and the first villian is pretty money too - even though he has a chin that would put leno to shame.

HOUSE OF M #2 - I must admit, even though i was duely skeptical at first, the whole alternate reality where mutants are in the majority and "regular" guys/gals are on the verge of becoming extinct is really starting to intrigue me. This issue kind of bounces around and gives you a glimpse of each of our hero's role/life in this second reality, and we start to figure out that wolverine is the only one not totally oblivious to what's going on (but we knew this was coming from all the pre-hype). There is a simply awesome drawing of colossus in here that really got me thinking forward to his upcoming mini - i've always loved colossus. for some reason i've always been partial to the big brawler types (though not exclusively) like hulk, thing, and colossus - hell even crusher creel and juggernaut.

MK SPIDER-MAN #15 - Nothing really spectacular here but the story is rolling along. Not sure how i feel about this new ethan character - we learn a lot about him in this issue - i won't go into detail because it spoils what the writer hopes is a nice surprise. After you read this issue you'll probably be thinking to yourself why isn't DC shaking sticks at marvel for this guy?? (he's so damn similar to one of their main-line characters its hilarious). Guest appearance by the Punisher is pretty money - and for some reason i'm really digging the bounty-hunting combo of crusher creel and this chick he rolls with w/ the throwing stars. Not sure how i feel about the whole "apprentice" thing - might be better for the loose comedy than anything else but we'll see next issue.

SPIDER-MAN HOUSE OF M #1 - Not bad but they could have done SO MUCH more with this and i have to admit i was kind of let down. I had some pretty high expectations for this title so maybe it's just that i was expecting too much. Some of the writing is a bit hokey to me, and spidey's alternate reality feels a bit forced (especially the JJJ stuff), do like petey bald though - he looks a bit more hard-assed. Don't get me wrong though, i mean the issue is not all bad by any stretch, and i'm definitely going to anticipate #2 (especially after the last panel on the last page - it did it's job for me). As a side note though - i'm kind of sick of the green goblin. I know he's an all time fav villian among spidey readers but i've never been a huge fan. we all have our favorite villians just like we have our favorite heros - and the green goblin is pretty low down on my list. that's just me though :)

CONAN #17 - saved this one for last because its one of my favorites. i've loved conan since i was a kid watching the movies/reading the comics w/ my dad - and i'm pretty sure i always will. this newest incarnation is GREAT. everyone should be reading this title. In this issue, conan heads into the city of thieves to make a few coins. He cribs a priceless (temporarily) bowl and needs to find a fence to unload it on since its so well known an artifact that no one will touch it. I absolutely LOVE the first 3 panels in this one, and the classic conan style line "Aye, one man... but a Cimmerian!" when the thugs claim "He's just one man!". Oh gets my blood pumping this conan guy does.

Busiek continues to weave a great tale - and i love his writing style. The story is told as much with narration boxes as it is w/ actual spoken word (since we know conan is a man of few of those). and seriously, could they have picked a better artist than nord to draw this title? everything from the writing to the art just oozes conan. picked up the first trade too - i'll be reading that one asap (i've only read issue #1-3, then picked back up with 15).


ok kids that's all for this week... my little brother's wedding is saturday and i'm his best man... so posts might be a bit light over the weekend but rest assured i'll be back in action come monday (i'm sure i'll find time to squeeze in something between now and then :)

ps in case you're wondering why i didn't pick up the highly anticipated HELLBOY ISLAND #1, i'm going to have to wait for the trade on this mini - the only hellboy i've ever read is Vol. 2 and i'm trying to catch up before i get lost w/ new issues... def a fan tho! also passed on the new ASTRO CITY title - flipped through it and the art didn't really do it for me... i've been reading good reviews though so i'll prob pick this up at some point - who am i to resist a new title?

pps as a general note - if i miss GOOD shite in my weekly spend/review sprees - def comment and let me know - i'm always in the hunt for new titles (monthlies or trades). thanks.


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