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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bendis Talks House of M (Dave Richards article @ CBR)

Dave Richards new article over at CBR, Evolution Revolution: Bendis Talks "House of M" is a solid read. Some very good insight into House of M (past, present, and future) in here directly from the Bendis's mouth. Cool tidbits about Magneto, Wolverine, and Wanda, and their roles in all of this, in addition to some juice about House of M events as a whole.

Since i've spent 15 years away from comics before the last 3 months, i've been usually pretty confused about the Marvel U, but with the help of this article (and the House of M Guide from IGN), i'm starting to feel comfortable with "House of M" at least. I'm officially excited to pick up House of M #3 today. Some quotes that stood out:
"The plot and action of "House of M" really kick into high gear with issue 3. "The engine start to roll and doesn't stop till we get to issues 7 and 8, which is the big finale," Bendis stated. "Heroes do gather and make a decision. What happens in the end will be shocking to people because we do not put the world back the way we found it and that's a promise. This thing is written and locked. I'll be fascinated to see what the reaction is. It legitimately has not been done before in Marvel Comics."

Here's to not "putting the world back the way we found it". i'm down for a good shake-up in the Marvel Universe where it seems too many titles have gone a bit stale.
Readers will learn whether the "House of M" reality was created deliberately or just a product of the Scarlet Witch's mind in issue 7. "Issue 7 is a doozy," Bendis said. "Issue 7 the shit his the fan. It is the biggest fight scene I've ever written, including 'Secret War' and other things. That's when all the zowies come."

Now you have my full attention ("...biggest fight scene i've ever written...")
Bendis is excited about the new story telling opportunities that "House of M" will bring to Marvel. "The things that stuck were really just fantastic story ideas by some of my favorite comic book people," he stated. "So not only do we get cool stuff to do in 'New Avengers' but we get to do great stuff in the 'X-Men' books. There are some little special surprises coming down later in the year.


07 July, 2005 12:00, Blogger Christopher Green said...

You know, I really don't understand the bashing House of M seems to be getting, I for one, am thoroughly enjoying the story. I particularly found the scene with Magneto and Quicksilver to be dramatic. I also found myself rooting for JJ in Spider-Man: HoM.

07 July, 2005 14:30, Blogger zilla said...

i agree. i don't know if it's because i've been away so long and just enjoy whatever at this point (no preconcieved/pent up feelings) or what... i'm enjoying house of m also - picked up #3 today and hulk #83 can't wait to dig into them...


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