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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Check Out the Big Brain on Brad!

Wow - now THAT is on hell of a memory. If only i could remember comic book details w/ such alacrity. This is totally, and obviously, unrelated to comics but i couldn't pass sharing this (originally caught my attention over at Slashdot):

"59-year-old Akira Haraguchi of Japan recently broke the world record for the recited number of digits of Pi. Haraguchi-san recited an amazing 83,431 digits of Pi during a 13-hour overnight stretch. This almost doubles the previous record of 42,195 digits by fellow Japanese Hiroyuki Goto. Though it is not yet updated to reflect the new record, the Pi-World-Ranking-List has the rules for participation and breaks down the ranking by world, continent, and country. Links to world rankings for memorized digits of E and Sqrt(2) are also given."

Link to full article here.


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