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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Great Thread w/ Some Incredible Pencils (Love Wya's "Drawin's")

I've been following this thread over at the Robert Kirkman forum entitled "Some drawin's n' stuuuff" and to be honest i can't get enough of this guys work on Invincible or anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and check it out (there's currently 17 pages so you'll be enjoying yourself for some time ;) Let me know what you think...

PS I haven't read much from Alias but after wandering through this thread i def want to check out OZF5, supposedly a cool, upgraded version of the Wizard of Oz (rel: 7.27) and Imaginaries...

PPS - Here's one more (left)... but you really need to scan through the thread - there's SO much good Wya/Ryan sketch in there ;)


02 July, 2005 11:20, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Very cool sketches!

I followed the link, and also really liked the "Western tales of terror" one.

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