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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Invincible and Spider-Man in Marvel Team-Up #14

Well i'll be a monkey's uncle. Looks like Kirkman is going to be bringing Invincible over to Marvel to join Spider-Man in an upcoming Marvel Team-Up. Check out the image to the left and see if that doesn't whet your appetite. When asked if this was a sign that Invincible might be permenantly changing publishers (from Image to Marvel), Kirkman replied that he was happy w/ Image and had no plans to make a switch (even though IMO Marvel could really use somebody like him... but would it ruin Invincible and TWD? Maybe.). The interview over at IGN is pretty short, but there is one other quote i couldn't resist reprinting. When Kirkman was asked why he chose Spidey out of all the possibliities for a team-up, he replied:

Aim for the top, man. You think I'm going to have him teaming up with Solo or something? I went for the gold. The opportunity to see Spider-Man and Invincible on a cover together was too much to pass up.


16 July, 2005 18:27, Anonymous Flemmy said...

This'll be very cool.

17 July, 2005 08:43, Blogger zilla said...

yeah - aren't Marvel Team-Ups always straight to trade? or do they come out in floppy for a few months (then to trade?)

17 July, 2005 16:35, Anonymous Flemmy said...

Single issues are released monthly as far as I know. I've seen em' on the racks.


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