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Friday, July 29, 2005

Mark Fossen Reviews Scott Pilgrim 1 & 2

My good pal Mark Fossen has posted a phenomenal review of the first two editions of the now famous Scott Pilgrim on his blog (Focused Totality). I was sure to mention how much i loved the review in a comment to his post, but that somehow didn't feel like "enough" so i decided to gush over it here in the comfort of Zilla's lair. Mark's reviews are getting better and better - and in this man's humble opinion he should be doing this professionally (can someone please hire this man??). Whether you have any interest in Scott Pilgrim at all - do yourself a big favor and CHECK OUT the review.


29 July, 2005 09:32, Blogger Ryan X said...

Well, no doubt that was a highly intellectual and impressive (understatement)review of a comic book. Mark is obviously trained in the arts and his depth of knowledge is slightly intimidating. I am compelled to pick up Scott Pilgrim, as any thinking man would be after reading Mark's review.

29 July, 2005 13:03, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Thanks for the pimp, Zilla. And the kind words.

The piece came out a bit more academic and stuffy that I wanted, but I do actually think about these things. I suppose it's my misspent youth in theatre. :)


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