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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More on Justice League Unlimited (CN)

If you're not watching JLU on the Cartoon Network you're missing out big time. Hopefully they'll replay the season for those of you who missed it. This is a most enjoyable cartoon i promise you - whether you know anything about Justice League or not. The writing is fantastic. I posted a mini-review of an episode a while back so i won't get into it again - but i will direct you to some more good posts today in regards (FYI - the JLU season wraps next episode):

Howling Curmudgeons and Suspension of Disbelief


19 July, 2005 10:12, Blogger Ryan X said...

I have been recorded every new episode, but haven't had a chance to sit down and watch them yet. It looks great from the few minutes I have previewed.

19 July, 2005 10:13, Blogger Ryan X said...

Whoa! Sorry for the grammar lesson. I have been "recording"...too much Red Bull.

19 July, 2005 10:33, Blogger zilla said...

ha!!! yeah man i have them on my tivo too... you won't be disappointed (and i don't even read much DC or any justice league).

19 July, 2005 13:29, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

I've been following the season as well ... we TiVo, and my daughter and I watch every Sunday morning. She enjoys the superheroes (especially Wonder Woman and Supergirl), and I enjoy the subtext. It's pretty heady stuff for an animated series .... it ain't the Superfriends we grew up with!

19 July, 2005 14:20, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I try to watch it when I can, but unfortunately it's on at like 1:00 AM on saturday mornings and I usually can't keep my eyes open that late. It's a great show though.


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