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Monday, July 04, 2005

More Thoughts on Justice League Unlimited (Cartoon Network)

I just fired up the DVR and watched the latest episode (at least i think its the latest episode) of JLU on Cartoon Network and i have to say - i'm no hardcore (or even softcare) DC fan but this cartoon is a beast. This is seriously some of the best writing i've ever seen for a toon (no offense Genndy T - you're still the cats ass in that department IMO). The current arc is fantastic and seems to get better and better w/ each episode. I don't want to give away too much so i won't get into the intricate plot here - let's just say lex luthor is involved w/ the ear of certain factions in the U.S. gov't, building an army of super agents using cloned super hero DNA, and the world is in danger once again.

If nothing else though, there's a stellar battle in this episode between Superman and Captain Atom (!) that you just can't miss.

If you watch cartoons at all (any), and haven't already, definitely check this out. We're only a few episodes in so you can still catch the reruns. Here's to hoping this is one cartoon that doesn't succumb to Cartoon Networks classic ADD.


04 July, 2005 19:16, Blogger Christopher Green said...

YTV (Canadian kid's channel) shows JLU on sunday mornings at 1:00 AM, I try to stay up late and catch it every week when I can.


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