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Thursday, July 07, 2005

On the Heels of My Battle Pope Mini-Review

Hot on the heels of my Battle Pope mini review this afternoon i stumbled across a CBR article talking about a Kirkman written spinoff: Saint Michael (interestingly enough they mention this is the first in a "series" of Battle Pope spinoff minis). For anyone who's read Battle Pope, you'll be somewhat familiar with the character Saint Michael, sent by God to Earth to help out mankind before he's ultimately captured by the demon prince Lucifer. Kirkman describes the title thusly:
"The story centers around Saint Michael's interaction with the humans he is there to protect," says series writer/inker Robert Kirkman. "The problem is, he's too full of himself to realize that he knows nothing about them, making him a square peg in a round world. So while he thinks he's fighting crime and performing the standard hero duties, he's really doing more harm than good. Yeah, and he falls in love with an human chick while he's here, so there will be some Funk-O-Tron style romance, which I think is a first in a Battle Pope book"

Since Kirkman is writing it, i'll be buying it. The Battle Pope issues coming out today are just colored versions of the originals - so it will be interesting to see if Kirkman's approach to Battle Pope style humor/writing has changed since he first wrote it back in the day (he's come a long way since then with Invincible and The Walking Dead among other more recent credits).

PS Saint Michael is supposedly in the September solicitations (even though i don't see it at mailordercomics.com unfortunately).


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