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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Surrogates

I was flipping through Wizard on the plane today and came across an interesting tidbit about a forthcoming title called The Surrogates. Seems like a pretty cool sci-fi concept and after reading a bit more about it in an interview w/ the writer, Robert Venditti, over at IGN (IGN: The Surrogates i can say my interest is definitely piqued. may be worth checking out. in case you don't feel like clicking through - i'll post the basic premise (straight from Venditti's mouth) here:

"The Surrogates is equal parts science fiction and cop drama. It takes place fifty years from now in a society that has been transformed by a new technology called the personal surrogate. Surrogates are a mixture of cybernetics and virtual reality, and they let users experience the world without ever leaving their homes. Not only have surrogates given people the freedom to tailor their physical appearance, they've also ushered in a culture of experience without consequence. Feel like partying, but don't want to deal with the next morning's hangover? Let your surrogate do the drinking. Out of shape and unable meet the physical demands of your new job? Let your surrogate do the heavy lifting. Surrogates are like life . . . only better.

It may seem like utopia, but there are those who want to return the world to a time when people actually lived their lives instead of merely experiencing them, and that's where the cop part comes in. Someone's started destroying surrogates, and it's up to detectives Harvey Greer and Pete Ford of the Metro Police Department to find out who and why. Along the way they encounter a cast of characters whose lives illustrate everything that is good and bad about surrogate culture."

here's to hoping Venditti does a good job with this - there seems to be a real opportunity to explore a lot about human nature/relationships within the bounds of this "surrogate culture". Surrogates are not only for the lazy, there are potentially countless reasons why someone may want/have one - and i hope that variety makes it to the page.

I haven't read many Top Shelf titles and supposedly this is their first foray into the mainstream... let's hope they don't disappoint (looks good so far).


08 July, 2005 16:00, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

I reviewed the first issue of The Surrogates earlier this week. I liked it a good deal...

09 July, 2005 10:10, Blogger zilla said...

i had no idea this was even on the stands yet - i thought it started in August. Thanks for the heads up AND the review Dave. I'm def going to snag #1 now. is this a mini or ongoing?

09 July, 2005 14:57, Anonymous sschroeder said...

It is set for five issues, of which # 1 was out last week.


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