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Thursday, July 14, 2005

This Blog Needs an Image

Not that we have a very big circulation here at all (even though i hope the people who do stop by get a little something out of it) but i wanted to reach out to the larger community and see if there's anyone who reads the blog that is also an aspiring graphic/comic artist or cartoonist? i'd love to have a Godzilla caricature of some sort drawn up for use in the title of the blog... but me no draw so good. If anyone's interested even in the least - send me an email or post a comment and we can throw around some ideas (i'm really not particular or looking for anything too extravagant/time consuming).


14 July, 2005 23:03, Blogger Robby Reed said...

I used my dial!

I dialed "L" for LOGO, and look what happened....


14 July, 2005 23:11, Blogger zilla said...

dude that rocks (i love your blog BTW). i've got a couple other guys drawing up some stuff - but this is the leader of the pack at this point - thanks huge (seriously i appreciate it).

14 July, 2005 23:12, Blogger zilla said...

ps - robby - can you get it just as clear as a JPEG? i use hello to post images to the blog (and template) and it only takes JPEGs for some weird reason.

14 July, 2005 23:19, Blogger Robby Reed said...

I'll post it as a JPEG in a sec!

14 July, 2005 23:23, Blogger zilla said...

actually i got it up there... thanks again partner - i love this image. especially the conan/jungle feeling lettering... colors match perfect too. very cool.


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