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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Week In Review

BATTLE POPE #1 (Color) - I was really anticipating this book (can't get enough of Kirkman these days) and let me start by saying i'm not the least bit dispointed. This book is REALLY funny.

Essentially we have a story about a guy with a less than strict moral code (this book is NOT for kids folks) that becomes Pope. During his tenure life is great (he can do whatever he wants as all powerful Pope), that is until God storms back to earth on judgement day and turns out to be severely disappointed in what he finds - men are consumed by hate, greed, and lust (his words). In a rage, God condemns mankind and abandons the earth (taking his religion with him). The gates of hell are opened and demons and devils come up to earth and an epic battle between men and demon ensues. Eventually a treaty is signed (at a stalemate), and the gate to hell is closed (again), but whoever/whatever already made it through so far made it through for good.

Life on Earth now officially sucks. Bad. The Pope gets into a bar brawl with some thug demons and whups them (did i mention he's a martial arts master trained w/ Bruce Lee? Seriously), only to pay the ultimate price later when the biggest and meanest among them ambushes him at his pad later that same night. The Pope is killed (rather gorily i might add: his guts are punched through and his head is squashed beneath a demon foot), just before an ill-timed rescue attempt by Jesus Christ (who's like a... hippie). Meanwhile, a demon prince (evidently there are several) named Lucifer kidnaps one of God's favorites, Saint Michael (who was previously sent to earth to try and save mankind). In response, God gives the Pope new life, and one last chance to redeem himself and make his way into heaven (remember Earth is a total piss pot at this point). If he can only rescue St. Mike from Lucifer and his minions, he's in. God doesn't leave the Pope empty handed though, he remakes his body into a muscular adonis ("CRIPES, I've been set up fatter'n biscuits" cries the Pope - love that line), and sends his son Jesus to help him (we'll have to see if this is more help or hurt but guaranteed to be hilarious).

This is the first comic Kirkman ever wrote (during class in school no doubt) and it's pretty cool to read where this guy started. He pens a great letter at the end of this issue, realizing that people probably want Battle Pope to be a forgotten memory - but he's proud of it - and you know what - he should be.

Honestly you just have to take this with a grain of salt. I'm raised Christian, and i *could* be offended by this book but i'm not. It's just jokes folks - and funny ones to boot.

"If you're overly religious to the point that you can't even fathom that a fake version of God would abandon his people like he does in this issue, this book isn't for you. I do maintain however, that this book is in no way meant to be an attack on religion. I dig religion, really, and i've got nothing against religious people. This book is meant to be funny, in a rather inappropriate way. It's all meant in good fun, so don't go burning my house down. I promise you God doesn't want that. He'll take care of me later" - Robert Kirkman

THE INCREDIBLE HULK #83 - I was really looking forward to this issue in particular and I really want to get into this title overall (especially considering the Hulk is one of my favorite all time Marvelites), but i'm just not feeling it. I'm not saying i'm giving up on it after just one issue, but i was definitely a bit dissappinted. I mean it's not a "bad" issue per se - just kind of average. Essentially our man Bruce Banner wakes up somewhere in the Australian outback as a freshly painted member of a tribe of "true people" (corny name, let's chalk it up to a bad translation from some aboriginal tongue). We find out that the Austrialian gov't is taking the House of M oppression of the non-mutant population to a new level, rounding up humans (i assume to flight them off to concentration camps somewhere) in order to set the new standard for the worlds treatment of the new minority. There is a resistance movement of course, led by the fiesty femme Scorpion and her mother - oppressed human Australians are flocking in droves to the outback in hopes of evading the authorities (starting to feel a lot like Nazi Germany). The mutant army (comprised largely of turncoat human footsoldiers) shows up only to be ultimately rebuffed by the big green. Hulk spends the rest of the issue consulting w/ his new tribal elder about his involvement w/ the reistance and some pretty weak hints about his overall role in House of M start to reveal themselves.

I'm not sure exactly what it is but this first issue of the Hulk House of M tie-in just had a kind of hokey/corny feel to it. I'm really not a big fan of Lucas's pencils in either, or more particularly the way he draws the Hulk. Is this guy the regular Incredible Hulk penciler? Maybe i'm just upset w/ the art and that downgraded the story for me... We shall see - i'll def give it one more issue.


07 July, 2005 18:22, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Well I'm convinced, I just phoned the comic book store and asked them to put Battle Pope #1 in my box.

08 July, 2005 00:17, Blogger Dr. Flem said...

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08 July, 2005 00:20, Anonymous Flem said...

I think the whole thing with the Hulk is that House of M(oney) isn't the way to get back into it. Wait until this arc is over or read the previous (if you haven't already). I have a feeling that Peter David isn't going to disappoint.

08 July, 2005 14:43, Blogger zilla said...

yeah i def like peter david - i'm not bashing him for sure. i think i'm just a combination of confused and upset w/ the art (is this guy the regular penciler?). just my opinion though - and remember i have high expectations for hulk since he's one of my all time favs.

12 July, 2005 18:18, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

There is no regular penciller of Hulk at this point--it seems that it's just whoever they bring in for a particular arc. Lee Weeks did Tempest Fugit, and Jae Lee did the one-off immediately prior to the Mouse of Him tie-in.


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