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Monday, August 01, 2005

Sundown, Arizona #1

I love me some spaghetti westerns and can only wish there were more "wild west" comics around. We may have some good news on the horizon though w/ Loveless, Jonah Hex, and now Sundown: Arizona.

SUNDOWN: ARIZONA takes place in 1880, where New York Herald reporter Will Dalton has come to Arizona to investigate a series of preacher killings. Will’s brother Clay, sheriff of the small town of Sobrante, joins Will in the search for the killer—a search that forces them to face unimaginable horrors. Will learns that in Arizona, life is as fragile as stained glass. And Clay learns that there are things worse than dying.

Plus big, showy, painted art and great panels (check out the preview images via the Newsarama link below). I'll be picking this up on wed for sure (even though it seems like it will be something better read in trade i prob won't be able to resist considering the light week).

More at Newsarama. Read through the comments and you will find a link to a PDF of this first issue... nice!

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01 August, 2005 12:34, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

If you like westerns, you may want to check out Desperadoes, one of the best western comics of recent years (imho). It's written by Jeff Mariotte and drawn by various artists (inlcuding one recent mini by John Severin), and has been published by various publishers, incluing Image, Wildstorm/DC, and IDW.

Desperadoes is a western with a tinge of horror/supernatural.

01 August, 2005 13:26, Blogger zilla said...

i love westerns my friend (hell i'm from texas!). i started hunting around for DESPERADOES after i read your comment here and found #1 came out in jan sometime (called "banner of gold" or something?). is that the only one out so far?

01 August, 2005 19:41, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

No, no, Desperadoes has been running off-and-on for several years now.

There are at least three trades: A Moment's Sunlight (illus. by John Cassaday); Epidemic! (illus. by John Lucas), and Quiet of the Grave (illus. by John Severin). Only Quiet is in print, although you can probably scrounge up used copies of the other two on Amazon. Banner of Gold is the latest series, and I think is due to come out in a collection later this month.

01 August, 2005 20:09, Blogger zilla said...

ah ok dave thanks for the info. i'll see what i can do to dig these up (banner of gold might be the easiest - how's that been?).

01 August, 2005 20:41, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

I haven't read Banner yet--I'm waiting for the trade...


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