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Thursday, September 15, 2005

9.14 Floppy Mini-Reviews: Part II

PULSE #11 - Thank God Gaydos is back. It's weird; not much happens in this issue (a lot of sex and the city jabber about Jessica's pregnancy) but i'm all of a sudden in love w/ Pulse again, and the only thing i can point to is the Alias artists return. Just feels like some of the lost Alias magic is back ;) There's is a funny bit near the end as Cage tries to pick a new costume for his Avengers gig... B.

- Ugh. They're losing me. When did Frank Miller get so damn melodramatic? Seriously the writing (narration and dialogue) in this issue is so much over-the-top melodrama that it's borderline cheezy. Too bad because Lee's pencils are mesmerizing as usual. Not sure what i'm going to do w/ this long term but after 2 issues i'm not feeling good 'bout it. C-.

DESOLATION JONES #3 - This has got to be the most mature title i'm reading (by a longshot) - this one is not for kids folks. Regardless it's pretty damn entertaining. Ellis spends the majority of this issue explaining his world's gritty, back-alley porn industry to us via an aging "actress" (read: whore) but there's a huge payoff near the end when we get to see a side of Des Jones that's only been hinted at to this point: an A1 ass-whupper. Man he lays into this creep like you wouldn't believe. Great moment in a solid (and pretty damn interesting) series. B+.

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16 September, 2005 11:12, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

"... it's borderline cheezy."

Borderline? It was so over the border Homeland Security is investigating it!

16 September, 2005 11:22, Blogger zilla said...

yeah you're right - beyond boderline. i have to think that's what miller's going for - he's too talented for me to admit anything else to myself. but man - i want to like this book so bad (esp due lee's art) - but the writing is killing me!


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