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Thursday, September 22, 2005

9.21: Conan #20

Something about this book is just so fun to read/look at. I can't gush enough about Busiek and Nord as the creative team for Conan (in one word: Perfect). Issue 20 starts the long-awaited "Elephant Tower" arc and since i'm not familiar w/ the yarn from even the first time around - i've been really looking forward to it.

Our brawny "id"-ish Cimmarian overhears talk of a fabled jewel and a mysterious (and powerful) priest living in the nearby Elephant Tower and can't resist his internal propensity towards adventure (and temptation). Oh he must check this place out... yes he must. We don't get very far in this issue past setting up the arc, but i enjoyed it regardless (don't you hate when people say "irregardless"?).

Nord's pencils worked over w/ Stewart's coloring is top notch and like not much else out there.B.

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