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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

9.21: Godland #3

I know Zilla's has a couple of readers who are into Godland as much as I am so feel free to chime in boys (and girls?). Issue #3 is pretty stout - we learn a ton more about adam archer's history (and future), and get a glimpse into the competitiveness that drives his sisters as they sit behind the limelight during his superhero exploits. One of them even gets frustrated enough to head off on an adventure of her own (oh what fun #4 will be!).

The evil Cronus makes a quick appearance (and man i love this guy and his dialogue, especially the head floating in a cannister on top of his shoulders). The massive (and mysterious) dog-like alien "Maxim", introduced last issue, reveals more about himself and we start to get an idea how he might fit-in long term.

Overall there's a ton of "revealing" going on in this third issue (w/ adam, his sisters, maxim, etc.) - setting the stage for some mighty, forthcoming adventures. Keep it up Casey. Old-school style/art with a new-school feel. Not exactly sure why but this comic just takes me back... way back. Love it. A.

PS there's that incredible ad i keep seeing for "Casanova" (Fraction and Ba) coming in spring 2006. i've never been sold so hard on one image before in my life... can't wait for this.

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22 September, 2005 10:44, Blogger joncormier said...

For some reason I can't find this issue. Same goes for Ferro City. WTF? Is it just bad luck on my part or is there a delay to Canada?

22 September, 2005 15:59, Blogger zilla said...

damn that's def beat. you're missing 2 of my current favs.


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