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Thursday, September 22, 2005

9.21: Wolverine #32


Now THIS is what Wolverine has been missing lately. What is "this"? I'm not sure exactly but Wolvering #32 has it.

Milar really got me w/ this one - this is a great, great, uber-cool stand-alone story (sometimes i just love a good one-issue arc). I saw there was a B&W version and a color-ized version on the stands today and opted for the color-ized (trust me though it's still dark; the most recongizable "color" is blood-red).

Milar sets this issue back in Nazi Germany (this guy loves to write Nazi's no?), inside one of the most evil places in recent memory: a concentration camp. This particular camp is somewhat haunted though - by a prisoner who cannot be killed (and subsequently drives each commandant/warden after the next completely insane.

I can't really describe this issue to you (ackkkk!) - but you MUST read it if you're a Wolverine or Milar fan. A++.

PS - I love this new guy Andrews pencils... is he the new reg artist for Wolverine or just for this issue? Boy he captures the mood in this one. I truly hope #32 is a sign of things to come for this title which has been good but a bit "meh" since i've been back (8 months or so?).


22 September, 2005 16:50, Blogger Shane Bailey said...

He's mainly a cover artist. He had a big stint on Incredible Hulk's covers during Bruce Jones run. He's been around for a good while and worked on Manga Spider-man.


I loved this issue as well.

22 September, 2005 17:20, Blogger zilla said...

i mean seriously - this was one of the best single issue's i've read all year. good (great) stuff.


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