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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bastard Samurai

Meh. I was really expecting to love this TP considering my johnny-come-lately Mike Oeming AND Samurai obsessions but in the end i just wasn't all that impressed.

The idea behind this comic is pretty damn solid; at first glance it seemed to have it all: rooftop death matches between modern Samurai warriors? Check. Underground Yakuza-esque thug culture? Check. Gambling (and all the nefarious "stuff" that comes w/)? Check.

But in the end it's the execution that's lacking, not the concept. The story never really "turns over" IMO and what we're left w/ is a husk of missed opportunity and unfullfilled potential.

The book isn't drawn by Oeming himself (far as i can tell) but you can hardly notice since the artist's style is so... Oeming. Not to crush the guy because hey, this book is old enough that maybe Oeming got his unique style from him - who am i to say?

I know a lot of people will disagree w/ me about this (BS def seem to have its fans) but Bastard Samurai just didn't seem to do it for me no matter how hard i tried to convince myself i liked it (because of Oeming and/or the Samurai theme).

It's not horrible though (by any stretch) so don't get me wrong. There is a really cool dream sequence mixed in here and some decent fight scenes (for lack of better phrasing).C+.

It was all over when...

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