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Monday, October 03, 2005

B.P.R.D: The Black Flame #2

I'm in such Hellboy and Mike Miggs withdrawal that i'm actually enjoying this mini tho i'm not sure exactly why; there's nothing super-spectacular about it (just more of your typical B.P.R.D/HB Nazi/paranormal goodness).

What we've got is the continued story of a lunatic Nazi-apologist/head-of-a-major-corporation who is experimenting brain-washing techniques/technology on these mysterious frog-men (uncovered in the first issue). Mr. Bad Guy's henchmen scientists have designed a power suit for him to wear that will allow him complete control over his newly brain-washed frog-man army.

I can smell an eventual frog-man mutiny tho - even before (or after?) the B.P.R.D crew intervenes. B.

PS - One thing i'm getting sick of is the Humonculous (Roger?)'s gear. Get this guy some pants already.

It was all over when...

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