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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Conan #21

I'm really diggin' on Busiek and Nord's Elephant Tower arc here in Conan. This second issue starts to get to the meat of the adventure as Conan teams up w/ the self-titled "Prince of Thieves" to infiltrate the mystical tower and steal the fabled Elephant Heart jewel. This "Prince of Thieves" is a pretty crafty guy - the kind of thief that steals something to steal something else.

There's a hardcore security system in this tower (as you might imagine) - complete w/ guards, lions, and giant spiders. We just know the meat-head Cimmerian is going to get his whup-ass on. Nord's art continues to impress (issue after issue after issue). B+.

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24 October, 2005 19:49, Blogger Ryan X said...

I couldn't agree more Zilla, this comic is great fun to read. If it hadn't been for a new WD, this would have been the top of the stack this last week.


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