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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fear Agent #1

Hell yeah.

Heath Huston, last of a Texas based alien extermination team called the Fear Agents. At first you might think Remender and Moore are giving us a character we've seen/read a thousand times from Bruce Willis: A semi-messed up, down-trodden, ex-badass w/ an alcohol problem and a huge chip on his shoulder (for reasons TBD) - and well, to be honest, that IS pretty much what we're getting out of Huston so far - but no big deal - this first issue is supremely entertaining IMO and the art is exactly what i would have expected from Moore (exceptional).

Huston spends the majority of this issue running for his life. Turns out a massively intelligent "class A" alien is mind-knobbing a bunch of "class G" uber-primatives into providing the necessary brawn (and theivery) to build it a starship.

In a unique twist here - Remender has divided all his alien characters into these alphabetical intelligence classes, which help determine the legality of "exterminating" (read: killing) each. For example - it's illegal to squash a class A, B, or C alien since they pass the intelligence bar :) Pretty cool no?

I love when i get this gooey feeling about a first issue... Zilla's gonna like Fear Agent. A.

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