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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1

Hmmmm. A decent start but not enough here to make any real judgement about the newest Spidey book. PAD starts right in on Peter Parker as he exists today (member of the Avengers, living in the Avengers Mansion, married to MJ, etc.). He does a fairly good job w/ Spidey's personality and dialogue (writers often have trouble keeping him "witty" and not "annoying" if you get my drift). The art is solid if not spectacular (there's nothing really stand-outish about it).

David introduces us to a "new" baddie; a guy named "Shock" w/ a nifty hand-canon that fires heat-seeking (for lack of a better way to describe them) rounds. Once these rounds lock onto a target they'll go around anyone/anything else to get to them (except billboard paper evidently).

There's a bit of over-the-top hokiness when Cap America teaches Parker how to channel his Chi (well enough in one lesson to catch one of Shock's magic bullets in mid-air), but hopefully that's just a one-time gag.

PAD does drop a nice little cliff-hanger that has me looking forward to #2 at least. Holding out a LOT of hope for this series considering i've lost all interest in Amazing and Ultimate. Art: B. Writing: B-.

It was all over when...

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