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Friday, October 14, 2005

Ghost Rider #2

Damn! Now this is one of those time where i'm very, very happy i have a 2-issue-min rule. Ghost Rider #2 thoroughly trumps #1 in every possible way. This is a good, good comic IMO (so far at least). Ennis is weaving a pretty cool little story here - I have to agree w/ Mark (Fossen) that it felt a little refried in issue #1 but i've a different opinion after finishing #2.

Johnny Blaze has been offered the ultimate pardon (release from eternal damnation and a completely expunged record, oh my), if he'll do an angel of God just one simple service: Find and kill a raging demon (Kazaan) before an agent of Hell and/or an agent of Heaven (both of whom are cool characters briefly decribed so far) find him first.

I'm not a big fan of the way the artist Craig draws people w/ plastic faces (even though the wheelchair bound Gustov is a pretty unique looking guy), but man, his Ghost Rider will blow your friggin' mind. There is so much cool detail in his Ghost Rider panels that i found myself staring at them for minutes upon minutes. Way cool. His art is nice and dark too - really adds to the over all horror feel of the book - and provides a clear contrast whenever an angel (or good guy?) graces the page.

You can just tell there is going to be some nice twists in this story arc too... I'm already suspicious of this angel's deal with J. Blaze, and poor Gustov's made a deal w/ a demon that you just know ultimately means his a$$.

Gotta love the "Airplane" reference on the last panel too... "and don't call me Shirley". Classic. A.

It was all over when... (the scan does this gorgeous image no justice)

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14 October, 2005 10:07, Blogger Shane Bailey said...

I like the art, but that's not enough to keep me buying it. It's just not what I wanted out of a Ghost Rider book.


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