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Friday, October 28, 2005

Giant Monster #1

I picked up Giant Monster for the cover alone (something i rarely do). There was just something about that squashed body in the middle of a giant footprint that got me :)

What we've got is the story of an astronaut (Col. "Maggert" i think) on a solo mission in space when he's attacked by some sort of alien parasite on his way back to Earth. Maggert loses contact with mission control right about when his entire ship mysteriously (or not so mysteriously?) explodes on re-entry.

Amidst the falling debris is the newly body-snatched Maggert, in the shape of a giant alien behemoth that seems to grow larger and larger the more destruction he levels on surrounding ships/ports.

Although the writing/story has a bit of a "been there, done that" feel to it at first, there's just enough unique here to make it interesting (and have me itching for #2). There's just enough of Maggert in the alien's subconscious to remind you of that age-old Banner/Hulk internal struggle (can't get enough of that kind of stuff... guess that's why i also dig Sentry).

Overall the pacing is excellent (i got through it twice in like 20 mins). Think a combo of King Kong (anyone see how friggin' COOL the new King Kong movie in Dec. is going to be???), Godzilla, Aliens, The Hulk, and your pick of body-snatching movies all rolled up into one easy on the eyes, fast-paced package.

In the end though it's not really the writing that got me; there are some really (REALLY) cool layouts/panels in this first issue as the ex-Maggert alien makes his way from the shark-infested ocean waters to the shores of a nearby shipyard - eating and/or levelling everything in its path.

Seriously there are about 5 perfect "Panel 'o the Day"'s in here.

Ok so in summary - this one didn't get much hype but it's worth a try if you're the slightest bit entertained by any of the "reminds me of"s i mentioned above...

Too bad it's $6.99 as i'm sure that's a bit of a turnoff for many. You do get a double (or is it triple) normal size edition though so not to fret.B+.

PS - Anyone have any idea how many of these are planned? Is it ongoing or a mini?

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28 October, 2005 13:43, Blogger Num104 said...

It is a 2 part mini. The second cover is pretty cool too.

28 October, 2005 14:14, Blogger zilla said...

what did you think about it num104? also... how's your blog coming (and what's the URL again??).


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