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Monday, October 03, 2005

Jack Cross #2

Hmmmm. I *want* to like this so bad - but to be honest i'm having trouble turning that all the way over. To me it feels like Ellis is trying a bit too hard to make Cross a bad-ass. The whole cutting crosses into himself everytime he kills someone is just a bit over the top (i see where he's going w/ the idea and it's solid, just not executed quite right). And seriously - even if you're working black-box for the gub-ment, can you just blow the head off a witness during an interrogation and leave him for the hapless police chief to clean up w/o any reprecussions? maybe.

Have to admit the stunt hanging out the car raining lead death is unbelievable - but cool as s none-the-less (this one would make even Vin Deisel proud).

It was all over when...

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03 October, 2005 17:11, Blogger Shane Bailey said...

#2 is already out?

I must have missed it.


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