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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Kirkman's Latest "Buy My Books"

Kirkman's column has been pretty much skating along lately but the latest edition (last weeks) is pretty damn good; and full of words/opinion and not only jpegs. RK makes some really good points about the online "comic readers" community. Check it.

Personally, I agree w/ him in a lot of ways. I've found some really bitter folks on some of the comic boards i frequent (even though CBR seems to have a pretty damn good crowd overall). But you know what? It's not comic boards, it's ALL boards. People just have this unnatural courage when they are "invisible" to their fellows you know? Sad but true. Many of the common courtesy's you would expect when talking to someone in person go right out the proverbial window. Hell even phone manners are better (so it's not always line-of-sight).

Anyways - I've met some really cool folks online (especially @ CBR and w/i the comic blogsphere), and that's a good thing; especially since i have all of zero "real life" friends who read comics on a regular basis (if at all).

Just sad I've sometimes had to wade through the mass of bitter basement trolls to get to them.

RK makes one other point that got me thinking too... Do we pontificate a bit TOO deeply about comics? Some reviews/articles i've read trump even the snootiest NY Times book review. Dissect, dissect, dissect - to a level of detail sometimes i'm not even sure the Author/Artist would even recognize.

Comics are great entertainment - not IRS white papers, HUD 1's, or tax liens. Not that i'm against an in-depth review (certainly not) - i guess i'm just talking an overall attitude sometimes that's specific to this hobby... What do you think?

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04 October, 2005 11:25, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I agree with that last point, and I've found it's a tricky line to walk with my own writing. For the most part, I see comics primarily as a form of entertainment, though one equally as capable of greatness as film or literature. When I'm reviewing something, I'm often influenced as much by its content and intent, as by its presentation. If a comic is being hyped as the greatest thing since The Watchmen, it's setting the bar pretty high for itself and that's where I tend to judge it from.


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