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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Loveless #1

2 for 2 so far today.

Loveless seems to be just what i've been looking for to get my western comic fix lately (and that's great news since i've been holding out a TON of hope for this title)...

We've got all the crucial elements so far: A Clint Eastwood-esque lead w/ a muddled military (civil war) past, a hard-core woman, a couple hog legs (and a dead-eye to go with), and bigger than one enemy establishment, and an overall hankerin' for trouble.

So far we've got a story about an ex-military man (dissed by the system in some way and harboring a major grudge) returning home after grizzly war service to find his house and land confiscated by Union troops. He's none to happy about that you can imagine. Fists and boot heels fly and heaters blaze.

Man i love westerns (i'm from Texas i think its genetic). I'm a big Azarello fan so i'll probably like this no matter where he takes it. A.

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