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Friday, October 07, 2005

Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur

Great one shot.

Eric Powell just gets better and better. His early "Goon" work was a little immature IMO but by the 3rd trade (and beyond) he's been so much more... refined (awkward word to use when describing this guy but still, it fits :)

His pencils are top notch (i really dig the colored pencil style) and the humor and downright weirdness of his writing have earned him several deserved Eisners. Personally, EP became one of my favorite writers after Heaps of Ruination and more recently Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities (man i loved that mini). But we all know i have a man-crush on EP; let's talk a bit about Devil Dinosaur:

Our brief story takes place in the Valley of Flame (a venerable Garden of Eden) where the peace-loving Small Folk (think friendly, frolicking, language-capable monkeys) have had about enough tormenting from the rival Killer Folk (think evil, war-mongering, language-capable monkeys). The tide of this epic struggle finally begins to swing in the Small guys favor when the they sidle up with a giant T-Rex-ish dinosaur (who lays waste to Killer Folk by the boat-load whenever necessary).

A pair of Celestials (we know them right?) watching from space can't resist trying to even the odds a bit by introducing a big, green, oft-angry equalizer - the Incredible Hulk (plucked from far in the future). EP is a natural at drawing the Hulk - he looks just like a green-skinned, shirtless, purple-panted Goon (minus the classic Kangol cap) and seriously - he writes some of the best Hulk dialogue i've seen in a long, long time. Classic.

You just know some climactic ass-whupping ensues between the big red and the big green (check the image below) ending w/ a clear winner (sort of)... I just can't tell you who.

The Hulk dialogue and the bickering between two Celestials is worth the price of admission alone. Throw in some uber-cool fisticuffs and well... It's just too bad this isn't a mini rather than a one-shot. A.

It was all over when...

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